Our Story

Why Lawrenceburg, Kentucky?

Distilling has been (officially) going on in Lawrenceburg, KY since 1820.  Distilleries such as Anderson County Distilling, Old Ripy and S. Searcy & Co. all produced sought after whiskeys. 

Those distilleries are long gone, we have no whimsical, historical, or indeed fanciful ties to those local pioneers. What we do have is a love of bourbon and we embraced this long and storied bourbon heritage as we built Lawrenceburg Bourbon Company.

Our initial offerings are by necessity sourced (try as we might, we simply couldn’t age bourbon 6 years in 24 months).  Sometimes it may be just 3 barrels, sometimes fifty -our mission has been to hunt down the best bourbon and rye available in Kentucky, resting them as needed, before hand bottling and labelling.

We are working hard behind the scenes to have our very own Lawrenceburg Bourbon Co. distillery operational in 2023.  We believe the best whiskey is uncut and unfiltered. Small batch, single cask and undiluted. 

The Journey

it’s been quite the journey for our Founder, LCDR Greg Keeley, USN (ret). From national security professional to wanna-be distiller. Greg is a Service-Disabled Navy Combat Veteran with the unique distinction of commissioned service in both the United States Navy and the Royal Australian Navy, serving in combat roles in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pacific.

Born and raised in Australia, he operated for Her Majesties Australian Service in various capacities including the Australian Federal Police.

Now settled in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, any thoughts of a peaceful semi-retirement on the farm came to a screeching halt as he embraced his love of America’s native spirit – Lawrenceburg Bourbon Company was born.